NEC Business Telephone Systems

About NEC

Company Information

  • Founded: 1899

  • Business Type: publicly traded corporation

  • Headquarters (NEC Unified Solutions): Irving, TX USA

Financial Strength

  • Net sales of approximately $46 billion fiscal year ending March 2008 (NEC Corporation)

  • Over 150,000 employees worldwide (NEC Corporation)

Product Development History

  • 2003: introduced NEC Aspire - extremely popular small business PBX system

  • 2008: introduced NEC UX5000 - adds the latest VOIP technology and desktop integration to traditional digital switching

Reasons to Consider NEC

  • proven name brand - NEC corporation was founded over 100 years ago

  • product versatility - highly scalable architecture and modular components

  • financial strength - product line backed by a multi-billion dollar, diversified corporation

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NEC UX5000 Phone System

The NEC UX5000 is essentially many phone systems in one. It is designed to be highly scalable, meaning it can be broadly expanded and upgraded as a business grows or its needs change. In fact, the UX5000 could be expanded from a simple 4-line, 8-phone, no voice mail configuration all the way to a large system that supports hundreds of phones, multiple digital trunks and advanced voice mail and call handling applications - all without having to throw out or replace any hardware. This flexibility makes it extremely popular with small business owners who have basic needs but anticipate future growth.

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