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If you are interested in receiving a telephone system proposal by fax or email then we would be happy to provide one, but we need to know a little bit about your needs first. Please complete and submit the form below. Your request will be assigned to one of our Account Managers who will prepare and return your proposal within 1 business day.

If you need to have a proposal returned immediately due to an urgent situation or if you would prefer to speak directly with an Account Manager to discuss your specific needs then please call us at (815) 436-0606.

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Music/Message on Hold

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Off-Premises Message Notification

Automatic Call Distribution/Call Center (calls held in queue until someone is available to answer)

Live Call Recording

Overhead Paging

Shared Office Tenanting (2 or more organizations share one phone system)

Door Entry/Access Control Management

Computer-Telephone Integration (call handling via computer point-and-click, unified messaging)
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