Customer Comments and Case Studies

Customer Comments

Making a decision about a technology investment can be a little easier when you're able to get some feedback from someone who has been in your position and who has gone through the process that you are going through right now. We're happy to provide contact information for as many references as you like, but to get you started here are a few comments from some of our existing clients:

"I'm so glad that you've asked me to do this because we have talked several times about what a joy your company has been to work with. The service that you provide is always consistent, prompt and professional. We have total confidence in your products, the people that we speak to over the phone and the technicians that you send out to our site. As the person in charge of our phone system, I am continually impressed with the ability that all of your employees have to help me understand our system better and the assistance I have received on the programming end. We are grateful for the service you provide and are happy to continue our business with DataMine."

Emily Scott
Meeting Tomorrow

"We're always satisfied with your work and we love our telephone system."

Tamika Jones
Children's Home and Aid Society

"What I like best about DataMine is that they are quick to respond but also flexible with whatever comes up. Things change so fast in our business."

Kam Mellen
NCC Networks

"My staff and I are very impressed with the powerfulness of the ESI phone system. The Remote IP phone is great!"

Ben Hales
Hales Equipment

"We're all very happy with you guys. Service is very outstanding. You're always there when we need you."

Kathy Hoge
Hoffman Transportation

"We are extremely pleased with our new NEC telephone system. We chose DataMine as our vendor because of their fair pricing, and their people have proven to be the BEST! They handled every detail of the installation with promptness and professionalism. I would enthusiastically recommend DataMine to others."

Barbara Zarach
Medco Inc.

"I told Brian before that a lot of them (the chiefs) were leery about bringing in a new company to deal with us but DataMine has proven themselves."

Deb Krut
Troy Fire Protection District

Case Studies

One of the most frustrating aspects of deciding when and how to invest in new technology is that you don't know what you don't know. If you're not sure what's out there, how can you know if there is something that will really help your business become more efficient, more versatile more profitable?

We consider that to be part of our job. First, we seek to understand how you're currently using technology. Next we try to learn about the areas of your operations that you'd like to improve. Finally, we propose solutions that we feel will help you in those areas. We don't stop there, though. We also try to inform you of improvements that you may not have considered. Here are a few examples :

Case Study No. 1

The Company
Remco Medical Home Medical Equipment (Joliet, IL)

The Challenge
When Remco medical learned that they had to move their business due to an upcoming renovation of the property that they had been leasing, the search for a suitable location began. However, with essentially four separate business operations to consider (retail store, pharmacy, warehouse, administration) they were unable to find a location that they felt would meet all of their needs. As a result they decided to split their operations between two separate leased spaces until they could find or build a suitable building to house all of the facets of their business. The retail store and pharmacy were moved to one location while the warehouse and administration offices were moved to another location several mile away. The immediate challenge was to find a way to allow the company to continue to function as if they were all under one roof.

The Solution
DataMine proposed an ESI CS-200 Communications Server. This hybrid platform (capable of supporting both digital and VoIP phones) turned out to be just right for the situation. The main system cabinet was placed in the retail/pharmacy location with a total of 11 digital phones. Next, 16 ESI Remote IP phones were set up in the separate warehouse/admin location (on the other side of town). These IP phones connected to the system cabinet at the first location via a point-to-point T1 data circuit, which was also used to carry traditional data traffic (server/client) between the two locations. The Remote IP phones functioned exactly as if they were in the same building as the main system and all of the other phones, even though they were miles away. Using the flexible call routing capabilities of the ESI Communications Server product line, Remco was able to route call traffic to either location seamlessly. To the outside world, it appeared as if they were all in the same building.

Case Study No. 2

The Company
Hales Equipment (Rockford, IL)

The Challenge
Any small business owner will tell you that one of the hardest things to do is get away from the office for even a day, let alone a week or more. That was one of the problems faced by Ben Hales and his sister Heidi as they managed the day to day operations of their laundromat equipment and soap supply business. Heidi wanted to be able to work from home occasionally, and Ben wanted to be able to 'escape to Wisconsin' without feeling like he was leaving Heidi overloaded with work.

The Solution
DataMine worked with Hales Equipment to come up with a way to make running their business easier when they were away from the office. The solution included an ESI CS-50 Communications Server. Designed for small businesses, the ESI-50 still had all of the capabilities that Hales Equipment needed. The system was installed at their main office location. This installation included a total of 6 digital phones, two of which were cordless to allow the employees to place and receive calls and carry on conversations as they moved through the warehouse area. One additional Remote IP phone was configured to connect to the office over any broadband Internet connection. This phone is shared between Heidi and Ben. She takes it home with her when she wants to work from there rather than come into the office. She can still answer all of the incoming calls just as if she were sitting at her desk at work. Ben also uses the phone to work from home occasionally, but the biggest benefit that he gets from it is being able to take it with him to his 'get-away' spot in Wisconsin. This capability has allowed him to get out of the office a little more often, knowing that he can still be productive and help out with the business even from across the state line.

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