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DataMine is not a Telephone Service Provider or an Internet Service Provider. In other words, we're not the folks that send you bills every month for your local and long distance phone usage or for your Internet service. However, because we install and maintain telephone systems and data networks, we end up working very closely with our customers' telephone and Internet service providers. That being the case, we are at least somewhat familiar with most of the major providers in the Chicagoland area. We've chosen to establish partner relationships with several of the ones that we have become the most comfortable with. While in some respects they all provide similar services, the fact is that each one of them has something a little different to offer than the others. We'll help you figure out which one is the best fit for you.

Cimco Communications

Cimco provides both telephone and Internet service in the Chicagoland area. They are headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace. We like the fact that they are local and we have come to appreciate their personal attention to customer service. Cimco offers several services including PRIs, Internet T1s, Point-to-point T1s, and Integrated Circuits.
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CBeyond is a telephone and Internet service provider not only for the Chicagoland area but also for a number of other major cities across the United States. They offer several different types of Integrated Circuits (voice and data service on the same circuit) that differ primarily by the amount of bandwidth required by the customer. Voice service can be delivered in a variety of formats including standard POTS, PRI, or SIP. Their services are straight-forward, flexible, and competitive.
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XO Communications

XO Communications is a nation-wide provider of telephone and Internet services. They also offer a variety of products (PRIs, Internet T1s, Point-to-point T1s, Integrated Circuits) but since they have a presence throughout the United States they are better suited to handle multi-city, multi-site networks than a strictly regional provider would be.
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Broadvox is also a nation-wide telephone service provider, but they specialize in SIP trunking. SIP is a means of delivering phone service to your business via your Internet connection. It can often offer both financial and functional benefits over and above traditional telephone service types. Broadvox can supply their service over your existing broadband Internet connection or they can provide the Internet connection as part of their package. This is an ideal service for customers who have telephones systems (such as the Allworx) that can take advantage of SIP trunking.
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