Video Camera Systems

Video surveillance used to be just for those big companies that could afford expensive CCTV systems and monitoring stations. Over the last 5 years, however, tremendous advances in video camera technology and data storage have made video surveillance systems an affordable option for any size or type of business. Coupled with the advent of low cost, high speed Internet service, the ability to monitor your business from any location home, hotel, coffee shop, etc. is now within easy reach.

Video surveillance systems can provide a number of benefits:

  • employee safety cameras positioned in parking lots and entryways deter theft and violent crime in and around your business location
  • building security outdoor cameras are a strong deterrent against anyone considering forced entry into your building or office space, and internal cameras will make many would-be thieves or vandals turn around and leave rather than have their actions caught on video
  • lawsuit protection having activities captured on video may help you prove your case if a customer or employee files a lawsuit based on something that happened (or didn't happen) in the workplace even better, the knowledge that video cameras caught the event may prevent frivolous lawsuits altogether
  • employee efficiency nobody likes to admit it, but many employees will work more efficiently and more safely if they know that their supervisor may be watching or that their actions are being recorded on video
  • fraud protection cameras in the workplace can help prevent everything from petty theft to full-blown fraud schemes perpetrated by employees or customers

Many of these benefits will quickly pay back the initial cost of your video system, making it a cost-saver in the long run.

Speco Technologies

DataMine resells and installs video surveillance equipment from Speco Technologies. We have found their products to strike the right balance between quality, cost, and ease of use for the customer.

Speco carries a wide range of cameras and housings designed to meet almost any need and to function in any location (indoor or outdoor). The selection of the proper camera and lens for your particular application is critical to the effectiveness of your system, so its important to work with a company like Speco that carries such a diverse array of devices.
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Digital Video Recorders
Speco also carries a full range of DVR devices. Key considerations in choosing the right DVR are the number of cameras that it can support, the frame rate, and the storage capacity. As with the cameras themselves, your specific application will determine which DVR makes the most sense. These DVRs can also be placed on your data network and configured to allow remote access via the Internet, allowing individuals with the proper login credentials to remotely view the camera feeds in real time from any location with a high speed (DSL, Cable, etc.) Internet connection.
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If you haven't looked into video surveillance recently, you may be surprised at the both the capabilities and affordability of the systems available today. If you'd like more information or an estimate, please contact us.

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