Financing Options

DataMine offers a variety of options for equipment and service financing either directly or through our partners.

Standard Options
Company Check
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Electronic Funds Transfer

Traditional Leasing Options
Leasing allows businesses to make significant capital improvements and investments with very little money down. In addition, leasing often provides significant tax benefits to a business and may prove to be a more cost-effective choice than the alternatives. Check with your accountant for details.

DataMine has established a relationship with Great America Leasing to be able to offer our clients the potential benefits of lease financing. We have found Great America Leasing's rates to be competitive and their customer service to be exemplary. Dollar Buyout, 10% and Fair Market Value lease options are available for a variety of term lengths.

Innovative Financing Options
Through Great America Leasing, DataMine is pleased to offer a financing alternative for companies that wish to have the flexibility to update their technology while fixing their monthly telecommunications costs for the foreseeable future. The program is called CTAP (Current Technology Assurance Plan) and provides customers purchasing new phone systems with an opportunity to establish a fixed monthly cost that includes not only the cost of their new equipment but service as well. In addition, customers on the CTAP program will have the opportunity to update, add to or replace their technology periodically with no increase in monthly cost. If you are interested in learning more about the CTAP program then please ask us for details.

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